Simulation Hospital

The simulation hospital is a fully functional standard hospital especially equipped for partial and full process simulation. Trainees and employees in the health care sector will have the possibility to learn and train medical, nursing and obstetric standard and emergency procedures in a highly realistic environment. Moreover, the special equipment enables also the training of procedures for blackouts, building evacuations and special security police situations.

Start of operation: 2019

Completion of operation: 2020

Tactical District

The tactical district shall depict buildings, places and streets of an average European small town. With their special equipment they shall enable realistic, cross-organisational and cross-authority training of frequent as well as special operational scenarios. This shall include also rescue and emergency medical services, fire brigades and executive services, as well as interventions of private and official personal security. There will be a special training environment for mobile medical, nursing and obstetrical services for doctors, nurses and midwives in selected facilities.

Start of operation: 2020

Completion of operation: 2023

Destroyed District

The destroyed district is meant to offer international search & rescue units best education and training conditions all year round. Different situations as caused e.g. by natural disasters, earthquakes and acts of terrorism shall be recreated in a highly realistic way.

Start of operation: 2021

Completion of operation: 2023

Tactical Railway Station

The tactical railway station together with the tactical rail route is intended to offer education and training for accident, emergency and incident situations in connection with rail vehicles on a cross-organisational and cross-authority basis. Besides fully operational station buildings and tracks, also various rail vehicles shall be available for educational and training purposes.

Start of operation: 2023

Completion of operation: 2025